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When tech companies want to level up their collaboration, be even more awesome (and have fun too)

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Whether it be facilitation, training or coaching, I can help you collaborate more effectively throughout the product life-cycle and beyond, to achieve awesome outcomes. Together.

Align to Vision and Strategy

Achieve radical focus towards audacious goals and align the whole team to a shared vision and strategy. Explore strategic topics using critical thinking and leverage the collective intelligence of the group to uncover valuable insights. Turn hypothetical discussions into awesome outcomes. Together.

Empathise and Explore

Be customer-obsessed. Collaborate with your customers. Immerse yourselves in their perspective and step into their shoes. Use visualisation and story-telling techniques to help them figure out what awesome outcomes look like. Employ powerful and playful prioritisation techniques to identify the most significant opportunities to pursue. Together.

Innovate and Design

Bring people together to innovate and ideate in a safe and neutral environment, filled with high energy where everyone contributes to their fullest. Foster the creation of original ideas and generate diverse perspectives and experiences. Rapidly iterate on ideas and validate assumptions. Design awesome solutions that delight and inspire. Together.


Bridge the gap between business and technical teams and engage stakeholders to focus on the most valuable work. Eliminate hand-overs and break down silos. Employ a rich toolkit of techniques to explore, define and guide development. Co-create and accelerate delivery towards awesome outcomes. Together.

Inspect and Adapt

Retrospect. Share thoughts and concerns openly, listen actively. Promote psychological safety and encourage participation through inclusive collaboration and play. Unpack challenges and reframe as opportunities for improvement. Celebrate success and achievement of awesome outcomes. Together.


Take time to connect. Understand yourselves and each other better. Find your strengths and understand limiting thoughts and behaviours. Communicate with compassion and authenticity. Give clean and continuous feedback. Align to team values and a shared purpose. Reach your individual and collective potential to deliver awesome outcomes. Together.

What I do

Facilitation and Workshop Design

I am a passionate advocate of inclusive collaboration and an expert in face to face and and remote facilitation. I confidently design and facilitate workshops across any industry, empowering teams to achieve remarkable results at pace. My superpower lies in creating a safe and fun space where everyone's voice is valued on a level playing field. Drawing from 25 years of leadership experience and an extensive toolkit, I will energetically guide you and your teams to awesome outcomes. Certified by AJ & Smart as a Workshopper-Master Facilitator and certified in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® from the association of Master Trainers. Let's collaborate.


With over a decade of experience, I've delivered tailored training to 2000+ participants, ranging from senior executives to engineers. My extensive portfolio covers business agility, product strategy, collaborative software development practices, and behaviours of high-performing teams. As an expert in learning design, I leverage 20 years of expertise in Agile and Lean product development to provide customised training that drives business transformation and the adoption of new working practices. Through accelerated learning techniques, I create immersive, inclusive, and playful experiences that lead to awesome outcomes. Let's collaborate.


I am a strategic partner for your organisation, dedicated to enhancing your business agility and cultivating high-performing, autonomous teams. By coaching your executive teams I enable you to deliver value earlier, enhance collaboration, and foster a culture of experimentation and psychological safety. With a background in technical consulting and new businesses, I also provide guidance to you as a leader of a tech startup or scale-up. My expertise lies in helping you navigate uncertainty, optimise for continuous learning, and pave the path to achieving awesome outcomes. Let's collaborate.


When you collaborate with me, you'll discover how passionate I am about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. LSP is an extraordinarily powerful and inclusive facilitation technique that harnesses the power of play to unlock profound insights, conquer formidable challenges and align to awesome outcomes. Once you've experienced the magic of LSP you'll want to learn more about is limitless potential.

Think Better

Using hands to build stimulates thinking and sparks imagination. It taps into 70-80% of your brain cells, enhancing working memory and unearthing deep insights. Ideas built with your hands are expressed in detail, easily understood, and memorable.

Lego Serious Play shines in situations without clear-cut answers. It provides thinking time and helps express complex thoughts beyond words alone.

Collaborate Better

Using this approach fosters high engagement, participation, and enjoyment. It enhances communication, empathy, and understanding, enabling the resolution of complex problems that may be challenging in everyday work.

LSP levels the playing field, ensuring equal and full participation while valuing every voice. It creates a safe environment, free from politics and egos, where participants can confidently share their authentic thoughts and feelings.

LSP for the Individual

These personal development workshops have a coaching feel. They allow participants a rare moment of introspection around their values and core identity to help them understand themselves better. The workshops are designed to help individuals think about where they are right now, versus where they could be if they were using up all their potential. They explore how they could enhance their value to the organisation and become more effective.

Participants leave feeling energised and ready to seize opportunities refocused on achieving their ambitious goals Let's play.

LSP for the Team

LSP team workshops are designed to unlock the full potential of your team quickly, effectively and deeply. The process moves a collection of individuals towards a connected team who nurture and share ideas, are adaptable and self-motivated. Your team learns about how the group behaves together, what holds them back, and how they tend to respond to certain situations. Your team will come away with a clear expression of their team identity and values, and how they can harvest their collective potential to achieve awesome outcomes. Let's play.

LSP for the Enterprise

LSP is a very powerful tool for helping your organisation clarify your vision and strategy, at all levels of the business. These innovation workshops maximise the wealth of knowledge and experience in a room to deeply explore the current landscape and the challenges faced by your business.

During these workshops you will construct a shared vision of the purpose and identity of your organisation (or product), and a set of guiding principals upon which you can evaluate decisions and behaviours. Let's play.

About Me

I studied psychology and graduated in the mid 90s with no idea what I was going to do next, so fell into an IT consulting career. I was sent on a bootcamp to Dallas to 'technify' me, and then spent 10 years consulting around Europe on big projects in banking. I held all sorts of roles from BA to Test Manager and got some great delivery experience (albeit with my psychology degree being a bit of a dirty secret!).

When Agile became a thing in the early 2000s I was drawn to it because of the collaborative practices and people focus. At the time I was privileged to be leading a big delivery team who were motivated, engaged and doing awesome stuff, so we got to try new things.

I starting running workshops and was curious about how teams could collaborate better and co-create. I was particularly interested in practices and techniques that helped break down traditional silos and increase shared understanding. I got quite involved in the Agile and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) community, sharing my ideas and training folks in new collaborative practices.

I set up my own business in 2011 and since then have been working with a portfolio of clients helping them achieve greater business agility and develop high performing teams through coaching, training and facilitation.

More recently, as organisations have embraced diversity and the importance of psychological safety, I've been working closely with teams of all kinds, helping them unlock their individual and collective potential.

I'm motivated by seeing teams and individuals flourish when their collective intelligence and diverse experience come together to achieve great things, and when their individual strengths can shine. I'm passionate about inclusivity and fascinated by all kinds of brains, particularly wonky ones.

And I'm also quite silly.

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